The much awaited Annual Health Qigong - Taijiquan Retreat 4th January 2020 at Lonavala

Get transformed into a channel to connect to Nature's Abundant Pure Qi with CHTTQ's FOREST BATH QIGONG
Spend the day with Universal Qi and absorb wisdom from Sifu Carlton Hill.
Enrich yourself with Medical Qigong techniques from various styles
1. Forest Qigong Set-
Learn techniques to absorb Qi from trees and Mother Earth, in its purest environment.
2. Harmonious Qigong Set-
a. Enhance your Health and Life Skills
b. Detox body, mind and spirit
c. Manage emotions and pain
d. Enhance the flow of Qi
e. Harmonise spirit, body and breath to achieve oneness with the Infinite Sources.

Energy Exchange includes
1. Travel from Mumbai to Lonavala and back
2. Breakfast, lunch and tea.
3. Certificate of participation.
Last date of registration : 20th December 2019

For further details and Energy Exchange,
Whatsapp on
#9892431215 or
Mail us at

Beginners Welcome.
Consultation with Sifu Carlton Hill [interview] in person will be mandatory for registration.